Jan 4, 2009

Petra's Posts Past & Pending

Well hello gorgeous. As I mentioned yesterday, you are here in such increasing numbers, that I thought in a moment of complete (and entirely out of character) immodesty to blather on about some of the things you may have missed in the dark mists of time here on Voyages en Rose, Petra Bellejambes Cross Dressing Diary.

Time is tight for everybody. Time is even tighter for people who spend time dressing 2 bodies. So in the interest of saving you time, and in the interest in giving some attention to older, under appreciated dispatches, ( sometimes weeks old) here is a short digest, oldest first, of Petra’s posts.

Nice legs shame about the face is the tale of the fun and games I endured and enjoyed on Halloween this year. That evening I suppose rekindled a lot of things for me.

Petra seeks professional help tells the story of my continued flailing at getting the make up right and the circumstances that lead me to seek out and meet a male to female transformation consultant.

Petra gets polished by a pro is the tale of my deliriously happy first meeting with my dear friend R at Explore Your Feminine Side.

O for a pair, explores my efforts, both fumbling and fabulous at creating the illusion of a luscious bust.

Curtain up, is a night out adventure with Petra looking better and feeling more confident then ever. Hooray for Petra.

A Tale of 2 Visits is a nice story for any Victoria’s Secret fan, or for any CD/TG who loves to shop, in fab or in drab.

Getting that girlish figure is a how-to with lots of shopping links having to do with building the derriere that most of us born-boys (and especially really pale ones like your author) simply don’t have. This is worth it solely to admire the picture of Beyonces' heavenly, breathtaking, heartbreaking rump.

Passing, and other news, is a short post on an interesting online tool that will tell you whether you write like a girl. Guess who does? Yoo-hoo, over here! Also a lingerie tragedy.

Rest in Peace, Ms. Bettie Page is a short homage to a recently lost heroine. A very sad day 12 December 2008.

Cross Dressed 8 Ball is another en femme out and about adventure. Wonderful night. Again, Amanda, if you are reading this … holla!

Petra’s Tuesday Traipse is the first of my regular features. In these I pull a random handful of posies out of the internet meadow and display them just so. Sites, ideas and themes welcomed ladies – don’t be shy!

Petra’s Pantyhose Parade is the second (and last) of my regular features. Now I have all the structure I need (and can tolerate) in my publishing regimen. O yeah, the good part is that I am compelled to shop for, wear, think about and rank Pantyhose each and every week. Pauvre Petra n’est ce pas?

Vintage lingerie, my time machine is a reverie about a happily girdled past. It was also my attempt to win some beautiful Cameo Intimates Lingerie, and to suck up to a totally sweet bloggerette, Slip of a Girl.

Mad Men and Wired Women again takes a peek into some dusty old closets, questions how we sadly lost the romance of lingerie at exactly the moment I figured out how important is was to me. But I am not bitter, for things are looking better these days.

Of course, there are Holiday and New Years wishes mixed in appropriately. Everything else is here on the front page ladies. You comments are welcomed, encouraged, and …..


Pending posts you ask? You can expect an update to the Tuesday Traipse, a Donna Karan Hosiery focussed Thursday Pantyhose Parade, and Part 2 of Daylight - Petra Personal History....

Again, thanks for your time, your attention and your shared feelings. And ofr your ideas too! Happy reading, dressing and everything else. Petra

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