Jun 4, 2009

Dispatches from Drabistan

There we go, yet another newly minted word. Drabistan. Seems to be where I am living these days, happily slouching around in full man-mode, and not much pushed to don the daintier elements of the wardrobe. I spoke at length about that phenomenon in an earlier post and won’t rehash it here. Just wanted to say hi.

In all honesty I really just spent the day farting around on-line. Found myself offering comments on a couple of blogs, followed a link here and there and am comforted to find some new (or new to me) sites offering up terrific quality thinking for those of us who dress. So if you are thirsty for the sort of story telling I more typically serve up, I am happy to introduce you to a site or 2 that may catch and earn your attention while my feminine muse remains dormant.

Gabrielle Hermosa lives (quite prettily I might add) over at
MyCDLife.com. She has a really witty and very positive take on the cross dressers experiences. If we ever get a seat at the UN, I want her as Ambassador. There is irreverence and intelligence to spare here. And a terrific recurring feature that dispels commonly held myths about cross dressers. Worth a visit. Dress smartly.

Jessica De Leon Hannah operates a newish entry called
Jessica Who?. Her blog is a nice blend of advice about just how to enjoy our experiences more fully, and a near real time diary. She seems to be staging for some pretty big steps forward and outward. We have all of us taken steps small and large. Watching someone else walk the walk and share the feelings is exciting. Bring your popcorn and pom-poms, and cheer her on.

I have edited my Essential Reading links below to reflect these 2 great new adds. I have missed many no doubt, but time is short today. I’d love to hear from you visitors about the sites that you enjoy and that help you enjoy your gifts more fully. Drop a line anytime.

Lastly, I would be surprised if any of you had not spent time on Staci Lana’s
Femulate site. Always funny and just flat out admirable, she is pressing some new boundaries on the whole issue of “passing”. Great new territory we should all be so lucky to discover some happy day. Can’t wait to hear about the New York trip.

Happy dressing, and happy everything else - Petra
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