Jan 31, 2009

Petra’s Poll – Who is the fairest of them all?

I am a little surprised that the very fair did not fare very well. I bear no animosity to blondes. I have been treated cruelly only by one, and she knows who she is. Oddly enough, she does not know who I am, so we can just leave that whole episode on the curb thank you very much.

In any event, I have forgotten the hurt, smoothed my skirt, and reviewed your input on who amongst a bouquet of exemplary beauties stands out as the most blooming, most fragrant and irresistible.

Our contenders were a mix of contemporary and classic, from China white to Mocha brown. There are shades and shapes absent from the set principally because I only rummaged the attic between my ears for avatars of beauty for a few moments, but also because a truly comprehensive slide show of stunners would take too much time for me to build and for you to review.

And I, for one, need to focus on my own looks.

In any event, your runaway favorite is the ripe and alluring Selma Hayek. I share your enthusiasm, and Selma was my personal pick. I would encourage you to visit the
Campari site for all the wonderful video that this still was pulled from. Yum.

Enduring English Rose Julie Christie and smoldering Spanish senorita Penelope Cruz top the podium with no objections from your editrix, and most of the rest of my favorites get a polite nod from one or more of you refined people.

Some personal observations here. I am delighted that Kim Novak got a tip of the tiara from one of you. I practically died the first moment she appeared bullet-bra’d and sweater-dressed in Vertigo. Intoxicating mix of strength and frailty.

Surprised given her high current profile that the beguiling Aussie Cate Blanchett drew a blank here, but truly in this company, anyone could.

I did feel poorly leaving Diahann Carroll out, and was fearful that she might get shut out of the voting as well. Alas she did. To me, she has maintained so well, for so long. She stood out when I was a kid watching Julia in the 60’s. She made all the other girls on Dynasty look garish in the 80’s. And even today well into her own 70’s she has legs I would kill for.

I will some time in the future repeat this poll because I suspect that one of the things that draws us to cross dressing is a profound admiration for womanly beauty, and the subtle irrefutable power that is just such an elegant part of the feminine inheritance. If you have a favorite femme that you want to see a little tribute paid to here, don’t be shy. Please leave a comment with your favorite here.

So this weeks poll? All about the shoes friends. I had a transformative experience in a Designer Shoe Warehouse this past week. You are never too old it seems to acquire a new obsession. There will be a post on the topic later this week. In the meantime, I would like to see just how many heels we are all stowing around the house these days. Stroll on over and vote, would you my dear?

Happy dressing and happy everything else….

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