Dec 16, 2008

Petra's Tuesday Traipse

Hello friends,

It’s a big old crossdressed and transgendered world out there. A girls feet could swell up and nails might chip trying to cover it all. Exploration is of course part of the fun for me, and for most of us, but I always find it helpful to have a little hand guiding me, waving here and there and giving me a reassuring pat on the thigh. In the real world and here in the virtual world too.

I plan, on Tuesdays, here in this hopefully regular column to mention a few sites, societies and services that have helped me enjoy this feminine side of myself, helped me reveal it more comfortably, and have helped Petra mature.

I have only very recently created this online persona. And this has been a really good thing for all of me. My online experiences have been similar to my real world experiences. People are really ok, and for the most part, interested, curious, non-judgmental and supportive of this admittedly slightly off-center habit.

I have struck up so many friendships and have been welcomed so warmly into so many gorgeous virtual salons recently that I simply had to stop and think for a moment. So, for your consideration, a theory follows:

I believe that all of us who dress or who transition have said “yes” to a very difficult decision. Yes is not easy. Yes implies acceptance and responsibility. When we say yes, the Genie is out of the bottle, and not going back in. And this is a big big moment. One you don’t forget, and one you respect in others.

Out of that mastered challenge emerges a feeling of community, generosity, sharing and support amongst we gender-gifted that has entirely exceeded even my own crazily optimistic expectations. And so, in that spirit, I want to share with you some of the places that have helped me know that I am far from alone, am in terrific company and have so much to learn from so many really beautiful, complete people.

Anytime you want to point out a site, a service or a heroine to the Girls here, just drop a comment here on site, or look me up on Facebook and friend me there. I am sure I won't be able to keep up, but will be happy to try! Here are 3 for this week .....

I have been really warmly welcomed into 2 very exclusive clubs this week. I so recommend that you take a look at … – members only site with a big membership, active chat threads and so many accomplished and welcoming new friends there that I have practically been knocked off my heels.

Yahoo! Groups “Trannies in Trouble” – I have been a long time fan of the gorgeous, supple and accomplished Sandra Gibbons. Superb and tasteful web site, honest and open blog and deftly moderated group. Ms. Gibbons is a real leader. Please follow her.

And for splendid, tasteful eye-candy I have fallen in love with the art direction and lingerie pictured on Frou Frou Fashionista. If you are all about what is under it all …. this is a yummy site to linger over and imagine yourself in.

There are so many to mention, and I will try to keep up weekly. Again, happy to hear your suggestions. My feet are killing me and I cannot walk the whole web alone!

Thanks and happy dressing – Petra

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