Jan 19, 2009

Happy MLK Day

Your faithful editrix Petra, when not referring to herself in the 3rd person and pondering the wonders of the feminine wardrobe is possessed of very passionate views on politics. Those views will remain largely closeted here. I get all flushed and just lose what little grip I have on pretty when I get engaged.

Views on society in general may however, emerge from time to time. Today, Martin Luther King Jnr. Day, is such a day

And so here are some very quick words for two groups of you:

To readers from beyond these borders (~ 44% of you): This is a very nice day in The U.S. of A. We pay tribute to a heroic person who called upon his neighbors to live well. I hope you have occasion to think of America in this light more than other less favorable lights in times ahead.

To readers here at home in the States (the rest of us): Much work yet to be done, and work that can only be done by each of us, in all of the things we do. Undoubtedly we flawed and entirely human specimens will fall short of our best selves now and then. But let us remember, especially we who wrestle for acceptance (from ourselves and immediate loved ones) and who would hope for an easier welcome from strangers, that we have a particular stake in the continued march towards the mountaintops glimpsed briefly in the beautiful dreams of a man who would only be 80 years young if he were with us today.

And so to us all, Happy MLK Day.

Briefly on politics, tomorrow, Inaugural Day is another big milestone. 2 comments:

  1. I suspect that we will all be called upon in an Inaugural Address to do more than go shopping as we were by the present administration in a dark time just over 7 years ago. Much fun as the shopping is, I for one look forward to participating in something more meaningful. We will be asked I suspect to contribute to a renaissance of the better parts and best potentials of this wonderful country. It will feel good to be respected.
  2. I must tell you it is delicious to have a First Lady whose wardrobe I would pillage with absolute and delirious abandon. Every generation deserves a Jackie.

Truly, happy days are here again. Let us all earn and enjoy them in the fullest measure possible.

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