Jan 1, 2009

A Crossdressers Resolution and my Wishes for Your New Year

It has been a busy month, and here we all are with a New Year. Just a nice moment to pause, reflect, catch a breath, look the world in the eyes and move. Forward. For reflection though, I need to take you back a little way. In October of this year my wife spent some extended time away with family overseas. My other self Petra emerged from the cocoon after a very long hibernation in a very relaxed, assured, confident, and to me, beautiful way. Maybe there is a maturation here.

I went out under my own steam. I sought help from transformation experts. I was open and honest when I shopped whether I was drab or fab. And I was universally welcomed, treated with respect and gentle curiosity. I keep expecting for people to be weirded out, or for me to fail in a horribly public way, but .... so far, its all been (prepare for a loaded expression), well, kind of ... normal.

There have been so many acts of kindness, virtual and real-world that I have been overwhelmed. I won’t single individuals out here, because there are simply too many. But you know who you are. And I hope that you already know how much your help and your caring has meant to me. Sincere thanks.

Now, for the rest of you who don’t yet know Petra, let me say simply, hello.

We have much in common. We are so far from alone. Our numbers are strong. And O, do each of us have a lot to learn. Each of us has a little to teach too. It’s a privilege to meet you. Thank you for visiting. Stay a while and feel free to comment on the odd thoughts that pour out of the jumbled attic in between my ears.

So my autumn flowering has had a real and sustained impact on me. True, I have not been out fully dressed the last few weeks as things are back to “normal” here in my happy home. Petra however has a voice here online. I have found in doing this that I am nurturing an important and vital part of me that had no intention of dying off without doing the “whole” me some kind of damage on the way.

Your responses to Voyages en Rose have really surprised me. The site has been “out” on BlogSpot since Dec 1. Since then nearly 1000 visitors from 336 cities in 34 countries have spent an average of 5 minutes / visit reading Petra’s notes (and maybe looking at some of the visuals). I expected nothing like this.

But the gains have been disproportionally on my side. I have learned so much from so many of you. It has my Karmic wheel all spinning. So now, to the resolutions …

I resolve to keep at this. I want to be a better writer, and Petra surely has much to write about.
I resolve to share this in some way, slowly, and respectfully with my wife. I know she wants my happiness, but this is a very, very big ask.

And my wishes for you.

I wish you all a completely happy new year. Whatever makes you peaceful, tranquil, curious and young, I hope you find in abundance.

* Petra’s Pantyhose Parade returns next week with New + Improved Scoring Model and some glowing words about Donna Karan! And yes there will be other stuff in the meantime, so please subscribe to the RSS feed and O yes, vote vote vote in the Poll ‘o the Week! I want to know more about you!

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