Jan 4, 2009

Petra's Polls Past & Present

I do so enjoy websites and blogs that go to immense lengths and great pains to provide an opportunity for me to give voice to my opinion by simply clicking on a button. In my case, this enjoyment likely stems from some deeply lodged insecurity that needs attention … (yes, somebody wants to know what I think… I must matter ….).

And participating in polls is therapeutic too because you can often see the results immediately. Typically, I find out I am not so much the freak I fear I am in my darkest imaginings. In fact, far too often I am presented with proof that I am actually pretty average. Then I rush back to insecurities, but that’s not where we started …. So …

Ahem. Where was I?

Yes. Polls. From the bloggers perspective they are awfully important too. You see, when readers and gracious visitors (take a bow, you gorgeous thing you…) participate, it helps the blogger understand what is important, curious, offensive, compelling and etc to visitors. And really, one cannot stress too much how important the reader is to the written material, and to the writer herself.

Even the most poetic and transformative words written, but unread are merely the sound of one hand clapping. And not to put too fine a point on it, evolution has provided us with better things to do with one hand (did I just write that aloud? God, I need an editor).

And so I implore you, dear friends to throw your shoulders back, shake your hair out, thrust thy bust forward, and, well, click I suppose. Really nothing to it. O, and another thing. I don’t actually go to immense lengths or great pains. It takes about 2 minutes of thinking and a couple of drags and drops. Sorry if I guilted you out earlier.

And now, recent poll results. As many of you know, Voyages en Rose is a very new thing. This blog has been under the big pink spotlight for just over a month now. It takes a while for a crowd to gather in cyberspace, no matter how much leg you are showing. The poll numbers are embarrassingly small, entirely unscientific, but at least trending towards better participation. You can click on the images below for a better look at the questions and answers.

Poll # 1 attempted to figure out when this all started. The question “How old were you when you first dressed”. Exactly 1 cross dresser answered. Me. This question remains really interesting to me. So I am re-running this poll this week to a larger, more intelligent, and did I say, really good looking crowd (where did you get those shoes my dear? And did you lose a little weight?). (ed. Please stop with the pandering)

Poll # 2 had absolutely no potential scientific value. Just a random beauty barometer. You might notice on the right column of this blog some rotating images of real women who possess some combination of qualities that simply makes me stop thinking rationally. Again, very few of you selected a rose from the other roses. Drop me a
line with your gold standard anytime.

Poll # 3 deals with language, and how we describe ourselves. Who we are is important. So are the words we use to describe ourselves. I ran this poll to get a better sense of who I am really speaking with. I am a horrible pollster. The answers are not really all from the same basket of “classes”. For what its worth, I think of myself as a crossdresser. This might be an interesting discussion to elaborate on. So, if your nails are fully dried and hardened up, go ahead and start a new thread on
crossdressers.com or crossdresserclub.com, send me a message and I will weigh in there.

Poll # 4 attempts to greedily plunder your top drawer, toss all the silky underthings in the air and find (and then steal) your favorites. I happily share the majority view. You will have to pry my pantyhose from my cold dead hands. Try not to put a run in them though would you love? This poll gives me the faith to continue the exhaustive, entirely necessary, and groundbreaking research currently being undertaken in
Petra’s Pantyhose Parade! Thanks girls!

Last weeks Poll # 5 started to get some good numbers. The increase in participation in the poll is a natural outcome from the growing number of new friends who are spending a little time with me here. Just about 40% of you are completely private in your cross dressing habit. And you might be fine keeping it that way. I completely appreciate the appeal.

It is not Petra’s intention to encourage you to go beyond that place. I know that I was there for many years. I have found so much more meaning and satisfaction through introducing this part of me to a bigger world. And clearly this is the case for so many of my new friends. Including the 1 visitor who is “out there, full time and fabulous”. Congratulations sister. I would love to hear from you. Please drop me a
line if you have any thoughts or experiences you would like to share here. You have my highest respect and admiration, and a license to publish any time you want.

There. That was a bit of a ramble. I so appreciate your wading through it all and hope you did not get a ladder in your mental tights. As always, comments welcomed and encouraged. Tell me please the sort of questions you would like to see asked, and the sort of thoughts you would love for Petra to weigh in on.

Happy dressing, and happy everything else….

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