Dec 20, 2008

Vintage Lingerie - My Time Machine

Yes, I am a thoroughly modern girl and delighted to wear lycra & spandex-rich tights and shapewear. It comforts me too that my bras have more underlying physics, math and material science in them then they have underwire. But there are times when the simpler and more romantic past holds compelling appeal.

I suppose that Lingerie is like music to me. I am a big fan of The Clash, but a part of me feels like I really missed out not digging on the New York jazz scene of the early – mid 50’s. So it goes with foundation garments. When I see the vintage stuff, I just turn into a doe in the headlights….

And so it was today when my friends over at “
A Slip of Girl” posted a new contest for a big fluffy pile of gorgeous, custom tailored Cameo Intimates retro lingerie. I overcame my urge to keep the contest to myself because, well it’s the holidays, and I really do like all of you nice people who visit here. Just visit Slip, enter the contest, and go ahead, fine, win what is rightfully mine. I won’t be bitter. Unless you machine wash them you brute. Here’s my Cameo wishlist….

So, first things first. Comfort and allure is what is required from the panties… the
sheer retros have the look and feel. They come with detachable garters, but that won’t be required for this ensemble.

Ready to decorate the front porch with the
Sheer Retro Bra. Simple, and feminine. Gives away just enough of a hint of what’s beneath.

I sometimes need a little help with my walk.
Heels help of course, but you simply cannot beat a nice long line open bottom girdle for a gentle reminder of what your hips are for.

Stockings of course (nude) with a nice reinforced heel and toe. Everything else in always correct white.

With this foundation layer on, my time machine is whirring me back, and then making time stand still. So, what about you my friends? Take a minute to vote in Petra’s poll here (see over to the right...?) , and then go see A Slip of Girl (if you are as refined as I think you are….) The contest is open till midnight Dec 22. Good luck!


Debra said...

Hi Petra - great blog. I'd recommend you to check out if you enjoy genuine fifties shapewear or for modern silky panties. If you add RETRO into the coupon code at checkout you'll even get 10% off your first order! Enjoy! Debbie

Petra Bellejambes said...

Thanks Debra! Appreciate the nice words. And, o yeah, more places to shop ... this i need like a run in my stockings, but I am sure it is all yummy stuff, so off I go...!

Cheers - Petra

BethAnne said...

Love this blog! Just found your mention of this in the GTG group. Now I'll probably be up all night pouring through all this.

BTW, I'm very much into all the retro shapewear and lingerie. Have a huge collection of longlines, girdles, all-in-ones, etc.


Petra Bellejambes said...

Thanks so much Beth. I am mad jealous of your collection. I will be posting soon on the curious hold that the past (ie the vintage stuff) has on us. Happy New Year to you! Petra

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