Jan 17, 2009

Petra's Poll - The Week in Review...

Yet another high water mark in the short and dizzying history of Petra’s Poll O’ the Week. Last week, 7% of you refined ladies saw fit to chime in about the frequency of our crossdressing habits. Which makes me wonder about the other 93%. Any of you that were in crisis mode sweating out last minute choices about which gown to wear for Tuesdays Inauguration are excused. But for the rest of you, would you mind if we spoke privately in the powder room for just a quick moment?

(Darling, I love you like a sister, but I must share this with you. If you don’t click I won’t know how to not cry, and my face will be an absolute ruin.)

And now, back to our previously scheduled and entirely serious endeavors.

For me this week I fall into a minority position, and fall far behind the majority of you in our shared passion for crossdressing. I manage to dress twice or thrice a week. In short, I dress less often than you. There is good and bad news in this for your correspondent Petra.

Good news: It seems as though Voyages en Rose is useful or entertaining (or at worst, morbidly curious) to people who are very serious about catering to their feminine sides. Crossdressing connoisseurs, if you like.

Bad news: I have already forgotten the bad news. I am just so chuffed by knowing that truly accomplished and dedicated CD/TG types are visiting and engaging with me here that I simply cannot see any bad news. I just know its in the numbers somehow, somewhere.

High level analysis here. The data indicates that over half of you are dressed (under, partial or fully) every day. On the other end of the scale, just over a quarter of you are able to manage, somehow (happily or barely scraping by) by catering to your desires (or taming your urges) once a week or less.

At some happy time in the future, I will think about finding the poll question that helpfully determines how often we all would dress in a perfect world. Right now, I for the life of me cannot imagine the question and answer structure that would not elicit 100%, 24/7 and RIGHT NOW as the 100% response.

For this weeks poll though, I would like to ask you a very personal and entirely unladylike question. It is strictly entre nous my dears.

Ahem. Just how old are we? Not exactly, just do tell me a decade would you? I am not sure how this knowledge will help me make this a better blog for you. But if a vast majority of you are found to be in your 20’s, then I suppose I will find a way to include “whatever” more frequently in my postings.

For the record … Petra Bellejambes is 46.

Happy dressing, voting, and everything else….

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Lynn Jones said...

Perfect world

Wow, there's a fascinating statement! I guess it depends on a couple of factors as to what could define 'perfect' for a person.

I think that attitudes in society, personal circumstances and self-belief are all key players.

Society? Well, if we lived in a world where it wasn't unusual for a guy to pass themselves off as a woman, then I think cross-dressing society would be different from where we are now. I don't think it'd [TG soc.] be totally changed: there's still the personal element.

Even if your friends, family and co-workers are cool with it - let's say for sake of arguement they are - are you cool with the idea of being Betty one day and Bob the other? Is it too much effort to do it all the time? Maybe you're happy just dipping a (painted) toe in the water once a week to help you unwind.

Maybe for some, perfect would mean you could dress without fear of being discovered or be in a place where it didn't matter. Having your cake and eating it, so to speak.

Just my 2 cents :)

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