Jan 9, 2009

Log rolling in high heels on a sunny Friday

Very short post today my lovely friends. And here on casual Friday are we not all just looking a scoosh more stylish than all the others? Thanks for making the effort!

In any event, our friend Vanessa Law over at
crossdresserheaven.com posted a little Petra success story today. Vanessa is way more popular than me. I am not jealous. Just envious in a healthy way. So, in any event, what I think has dried my throat a bit, and started my little (but still capable of great things) heart just tap-tapping a little quicker is that well, there I am on the real internet.

is not quite petrified, but feeling as though my wrap around skirt just got a little windblown if you know what I mean you bashful thing you.

In any event, I would not recommend anybody go and read the post for the literary merit in it, but I would recommend a few things…

  1. Do visit Vanessa. Wonderful site and loads of helpful stuff,
  2. Do read my post (especially if you are beginner-esque at all of this) because there is a happy, positive and life affirming (ed . take it down a notch lady) ok, scratch that, encouraging moral to the story, and
  3. Go ahead and tell your story. The photo is optional friends. Don't worry. And what is all this about the camera adding 10 lbs?

Have a < insert your own superlative here > weekend!


Cassia-Marie said...

Congratulations!!! WOW! You're famous now! I can say "I knew her when..."


Petra Bellejambes said...

I blush .... now ... go and write a story for Vanessa! She is lovely and writing is theraputic. Many thanks - Petra

Vanessa said...

:) Thanks for the kind words Petra. BTW, I think you're doing a great job with your site! I love the regular polls.


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