Jan 10, 2009

The Ages of Crossdressing

Well my charming friends, this weeks poll is in, and we are getting near to statistically significant participation from the ladies and laddies who clatter in to my tiny nook.

Statisticians are a funny lot. We can only surmise that the same percentage of them cross dress as any random sampling of the population. But we would need to ask roughly 1000 statisticians whether they cross dress to arrive at a certain conclusion on that thorny, and entirely irrelevant issue. And we are not out to understand statisticians … just the statistics.

Why is 1000 a good number? I am told it has a lot to do with standard deviations and probabilities. I am thinking though that we all have our personal deviations handy enough to not need the standard ones. Probably.

So in last weeks poll, we sought data on just how old we all were when this silky siren called our names, when the figurative negligee slipped open, when the brightly painted nail atop a delicate index finger curled, just so, and beckoned us in.

My, weren’t we a young bunch? A slim (and likely very slender) majority of us jumped on the Crossdresser Express before the onset of puberty and adolescent acne. 23 out of 47 for 48%. I count myself in amongst the early adopters.

Almost everyone else was in a pair of panties before they drove a car. 20 of our participants representing 42%

And only a couple of outliers managed to stay drab until after the raging tides of hormones had quieted. 2 slightly late to class between 16 and 20 (4%), and then 2 more stragglers after a staggering 30 years or more in drab.

Back to statistics. These outliers have something special. Either our 2 fashionably late friends sneezed while the mouse was poised near the “Over 30” button, or something significant is afoot. Or at least something different. I encourage you, if you are a late bloomer, and are reading this, to please, please leave a comment here, about just how you found this part of you. If you would like to chat privately, you can always send me a private message over at
crossdressers.com, or via email here. Respectfully and confidentially, I would love to know more. And if you have a story to tell, I would be happy (ed. thrilled) to have a guest editorialist the next time my nails are drying.

, this weeks poll. When is interesting, and so (to me at least) is how often. Please take a moment to consider the frequency of your habit. How well do you tend it, or how often does the habit simply insist on your attention.

It does mean a great deal to me that you visit here, and participate. Thank you and please keep it up. 100 votes will drive down the margin of error by about 4X.

If you have a question that you would love to see polled, please make a suggestion. Sincerely yours - Petra

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