Dec 30, 2009

A look back in Angora

Just moments ago I ran into a creative wall and hit the pause button on my efforts to create a suitable wrap up post for the end of an eventful 2009. One wants to kindly pat the ass of the old year as it totters out the door, and embrace the new one with warmth and anticipation as she sashays in. This process involves, for me, a quick reflective flight back through much of what I have written over the past year.

On balance I am very happy with the yield of my labors in the Voyages en Rose garden. Moreover, I have been really encouraged by the comments and contributions that many of you have spread around here. To stretch the garden metaphor, you have helped fertilize things quite nicely, thank you. To fully snap the metaphor, I will now pull five blooms from the past years yield for your consideration. I think they represent the full spectrum of colors I write with, and document the tides, high, low and in between of what has been for me a remarkable year.

From oldest to youngest, here is a fast clatter through 2009:

From 27 February “
Big, Subtle Victories” wherein your correspondent comments on a Freudian non-slip, and the comfortable embrace of my cross dressed life.

From 13 March,
A Cross Dressers Hiatus, the first time in my life that I had been paying full enough attention to my habit, to see it wash away from me. The first time too that I knew I would be comfortable when the tide came back in.

From August 11,
Veronica vs. Betty, Stockings vs. Pantyhose. Here, I took a diversion from my typical reviews of tights to generalize on the allure of sheers, in their many forms. This sort of stuff tends to get my poetic juices running.

From 26 October,
Cross Dressing Canvas, a real stretch of my mental silly putty, but in hindsight, not a bad attempt at understand dressing in general and cross dressing specifically as an artistic undertaking.

From 21 November,
The Stations of the Cross Dresser – The Brassiere Fitting, in which your quivering correspondent does some straight reportage from behind the lines of a fine lingerie shop.

I will pay tribute to Mrs. Bellejambes here by mentioning that her 2 favorites were my poetic efforts
here and here. This came as a surprise to me, and a challenge I suppose. Perhaps the creation of a the odd couplet will help keep this odd couple young and fresh.

I am now going to self-medicate, a 375 ml dose of a decent Argentine Malbec, in the hope that I can rise tomorrow to the challenge of thanking you for properly for your visits this past year, and setting expectations for the next.

Happy New Years Eve Eve.


Leah said...

Happy New Year Petra! Thanks for being part of my world and for letting me in your world. xoxo Cheers to a fabulous 2010.

Treacle said...

Thank you for posting these. As a new visitor, I can't wait to read more about you. :-)

Happy New Year!

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