Dec 22, 2009

Beautiful Bloggers

With coffee in hand, I crept downstairs to my writers crypt (think low budget fan-film Batcave meets IKEA) to check mail, read the analytic tea leaves and drop a few blog thoughts down in the golden moments before the day takes over.

Well I must say I blushed to see a note all the way from Mandaluyong in The Philippines from dear friend
Leah who had, to my delight, presented me with the coveted “Beautiful Blogger" award. Leah is a professional photographer, and so bless her big heart, who am I to argue with her aesthetic senses? Thanks Leah! Really, I had a speech prepared, but now standing here at the podium I am just drawing a total blank!

Lets take a quick moment to “better know a bloggers home”. Mandaluyong is one of the 17 cities that, taken together, form the massive, 20 million strong Manila metropolitan district. This city-within-a-city, right in the throbbing and colorful heart of one of the worlds most sprawling conurbations is the shopping capital of The Philippines, a pretty enclave, and warm host to some of the more beautiful and fashionable neighborhoods in this storied and attractive land.

All of which must make Leah feel quite at home and look quite in place. I mean, check her out folks (below right).

In any event, I am very flattered to have been singled out for attention with Blogistan being so dense with beauty. And so, I accept, and now set out to fulfill my duties. They are as follows:

1. Thank the person who bestowed this honor upon me. Check.
2. Copy the award, and place it on my blog. Roger that.
3. Link to the bestowers’ site. Affirmative.
4. Enumerate 7 interesting things about yourself. Regardez ici:

  • My most enduring work habits were picked up as a pimply faced 15 year old earning $1.85 / hr sweeping the lobby floor of a McDonalds restaurant.
  • In drab mode I can wear a striped tie on a striped shirt with a striped suit, and make it all work.
  • En femme, I am neither that brave or skilled.
  • I time my punch lines so that people involuntarily shoot carbonated beverages through their noses.
  • I once flew to Savannah and back to Atlanta 3 times in a single day to secure Delta Gold Medallion status for the next year.
  • I proposed to my wife of 14+ years six days after meeting her, and
  • My Mom is too refined to say it, but I am her favorite.

5. Nominate 7 Bloggers that you find beautiful. Aye aye Captain!

Now, this part is a bit tougher – I see a lot of beauty everywhere. You all know who you are. So here are 7 lovely blooms pulled quickly from a gorgeous garden, the rest of you left to dazzle strangers, friends and loved ones as you do daily. In no particular order:

Treacle, and Tights Lover who so exhaustively explore and document the world of foundation garments that my efforts in The Pantyhose Parade are actually quite mooted. The lovely Couture Carrie, who probably has Beautiful Blogger awards stacking up like the countless shoe boxes blocking entry to her walk in closet. The young poetess and philosopher KD whose cultivation of happiness is a sure hallmark of beauty. The brave and resolute Leslie Ann whose hope in the face of obstacles is surely beautiful to the people nearby who really matter. Lynn D, whose open delight in the full nature of her partner and their possibilities is surely possessed of a 24/7 beauty aura, and finally Staci Lana, Head Cheerleader, Class Valedictorian, and role model to Femulators everywhere, making the world effortlessly more beautiful every day.

Dear friends, please accept your nominations in the spirit of respect and admiration I extend to you at this festive time of year. I do hope you feel inclined to spread the feeling far and wide. To those of you not mentioned here, you too have a warm space in my heart if not in this post.

Beautiful Holidays all around…


Couture Carrie said...

Congrats on a very well-deserved award, darling Petra!
Thank you so much for honoring me! (How I wish I had a walk-in closet!)

A beautiful holiday to you as well :)


Petra Bellejambes said...

OK then Carrie, the shoe boxes are blocking entry to the fridge ...

Stay warm, enjoy the break!

Leah said...

Petra, I'm at lost for words... I'm the one speechless now. Thank you for the warm intro and look, I also have my picture here. Major thanks really!

I'm honored to have you as my friend and I know you are truly a beautiful person, inside and out.

Iva said...

Congratulations on your well deserved award! hope you are having a great day!

Treacle (Stockings Addict) said...

Thank you so much for the award! I'm off to "re-gift" it now. :-)

Leslie Ann said...

A warm thank you, Petra. Being honored by one with your writing command is very flattering. My own followup will have to go on my post-Christmas to-do list.

Calie said...

Well, Petra, I am so behind in my blog reading. I made the comment on Staci's blog that you deserved the award and...stupid already got it!

Congratulations for a fab blog.

Now, tell me more about body shapers...

Calie xxx

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