Feb 9, 2009

The Stations of the Crossdresser and Monday Miscellany

Dear friend. So nice of you to visit. I must tell you that last weeks post on “The Stations of the Crossdresser” generated some fine suggestions, and even a couple of (mostly) complimentary private notes. I was happy to note that nobody thought there was any heresy in this little line of investigating our various Voyages en Rose. All good.

The lovely and talented
Staci Lana over at Femulate had a few terrific suggestions that I want to list here:

  • First time driving en femme wearing high heels. (Bonus points for manual transmission.)
  • First time shopping for a wig in a wig shop.
  • First time shopping in a corset/lingerie shop
  • First time being fitted for a bra.
  • First time using the ladies restroom.

I believe that these are superb suggestions. I beatify them unilaterally. They are included in The 14 Stations of the Crossdresser without any requirement for committee markup, public hearings or private crying jags.

Done, and done. Now, with last weeks post chronicling my full frontal assault on DSW we are up to 6 Stations. I will be adding a post of my own selection tomorrow detailing the First Fitting Room en Femme session, which brings us up to 7. There we are,

halfway to Cross Dressing salvation if you will.

if I may place a figurative hand on your pretty little knee and confide in you, I simply must tell you that I cannot do this alone. I need your help, you absolute lamb you, in these 2 ways …

Your suggestions. Yes, I know I could think up 7 more terrific landmark moments in the life of an accomplished crossdresser in a fluttery heartbeat, but goodness me, this is an interactive media we are working with here. I would feel so much more certain if I could hear
your thoughts. So please leave comments here. Remember, I am going to do all 14 (or die happily trying) in the ahem, fullness of time. So, you devil you, if you feel like setting the bar a little high and tempting or daring me into something just a little out there, well you let your imagination run wild. I am a fool for a challenge.

Your story. I want to ask for a specific story that has to do with driving en femme. Been there, done that, used my turn indicators correctly and the whole thing. Apart from a few moments of adjusting to the feel of heels on the pedals though (and the electric tingle of the nylon clad knees touching) my own driving experiences just don’t seem shrine worthy. I would love to hear from one of you who has had something special happen on the road. Please drop a
line or start off with a comment here. I will be happy to preserve your anonymity to whatever extent your preferences require. We understand each other, no? Splendid.

Now then, where were we? I will have a breath-catching, death-defying and zipper-impaired fitting room story up here for you by a respectable hour tomorrow. The regular Thursday Pantyhose Parade will feature the very tip of the Hanes Hosiery Iceberg. Beyond that,
who knows what else will tumble onto my keyboard this week.

And for those you who like pictures, I did manage to get a couple of recent snaps up on
Flickr and on Facebook (friend me if you like there…). Happy to have you visit me practically anywhere. See you back here soon though I do hope.

Happy dressing and happy everything else.

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