Feb 13, 2009

14 for the 14th

It’s a Friday the 13th which is always big stuff. Its especially big stuff when it happens in February, because that betokens Valentines Day. I am dropping a quick (very quick by Petra standards) note today to say the following:

Tomorrow, being Valentines Day is devoted to my feminine partner, known to you sleek and glossy girls as Mrs. Bellejambes, and not at all devoted to my feminine inner self. You will not see me here tomorrow.

The poll results for the week will likely be commented on Sunday. Encouraging results so far and I truly look forward to divining our collective thoughts on the curious blessing of crossdressing then.

For today I have created for your consideration, and in honor of Valentines Day, a First Draft of The 14 Stations of the Crossdresser. Regular readers (I’d like to thank my accountant and my seamstress) of Voyages en Rose will remember the idea. You gorgeous first time visitors ought to read the background material

The table below is a very quick trawling of many memories and a handful of hoped for moments in my cross dressing life. I am sure I am missing events and thresholds that far more accomplished crossdressers would want to include in the list. Where that is the case, please raise a delicately boned hand, and beckon my attention. Set me on the proper path, or at least help me stray less comprehensively. What milestone am I missing? Leave comments below. If you, in your infinite feminine wisdom feel it’s a good list, well you should say so too.

And so with a little virtual fanfare I am proud to present our first draft 14 Stations of the Crossdresser here just in time for the 14th of Feb. (click on image to enlarge).

They are presented in rough, loose chronological order. Or in some logical order that makes sense to me in any event. I had to leave a few I really liked out. I needed to condense a couple of unique firsts into a composite milestone. And I did not have the benefit of your experiences. And so again, before anything gets carved in marble, share, and share freely.

O, and about me, how am I doing? 10 down, 4 to go. 2 of them I have scheduled. 1 of them I can take care of along the way. And the last one? I have lots of nerve friends, but I need a little more than I possess today. You can guess which one. And even if I did have the nerve, I suspect that Valentines Day would be the wrong day to show that surfeit of courage and that deficit of consideration with my very special, and very exclusive Valentine. Some other happy day.

Do take care of yourself and be sure to let those that love you know how important their love is, and how much they are loved in return.

Happy dressing, happy Valentines Day, and happy everything else.


The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

Happy Valentine's Day Sweet Petra. I'm sitting her with Jeanie; finally sharing my blog and those I read with him. We went through your list and he only has 2 left: shopping for hair (currently no need-since he wears it long) and being fitted for a bra (he says no need since he doesn't have breasts at all but my Nanna is a seamstress and I know how to measure. He'll only have one to go after this Valentine's Day. Petra: I think you should fine a perfect crossy film or tv show or documentary with your wife and get her reaction. Have you tried this yet? (SECRET: You are my favorite girl on Blogger).

Petra Bellejambes said...

And a delicious Valentine day to both of you. I do Jeanie enjoyed seeing her name in lights as much as her many fans and admirers do.

Now, while Jeanie may not need either a wig or a measuring in a lingerie shop at the hands of a complete stranger, let us distinguish between needs and wants. Surely, these are things to be wanted. Or perhaps bargained for in one devious way or another.

Cheers and thanks for the kind, kind words... Petra

Jacie2b said...

Happy Valentines Day Petra! I love you blog chica. I recently started following it and I thought I'd drop you a little note :)

I like your Stations descriptions . . . I've completed all but 4 stations and not in order :p The only ones I'm missing are: 5, 9, 12, and 13! Really neat.


Petra Bellejambes said...

Thanks Jacie! Delighted to be an appreciated Chica. Well done on your list. 9, 12 and 13 are on my to-do's. They have in common very big exposure and much intimacy. They are arguably the most essentially girly things on the list. I hope you don't shy away from them. Visit often and comment anytime.

Cheers - Petra

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