Feb 28, 2009

Petra's Cross Dressed Poll. How Many are We?

It was an odd poll created by an odd pollster this past week. I asked you, dear readers, to throw out your opinion as to what % of the population you felt cross dressed. I was interested to get your input, because of a viewpoint I hold that I will share with you now. It’s a 2 part thought:

Part the First: I must believe that 90% of the male population had some curiosity about women’s clothing (particularly the fascinating underthings) that resolved at some time with trying something, anything, on just to see how it felt. Teenagers are nothing if not curious, and practically all of us had the opportunity presented at some time.

Part the Second: Knowing from lasting personal experience just how good that first time felt, how is it that we are not all cross dressers? I realize I am simply wrongheaded here, but I just can’t shake it. How can people be full time drab? Are they entirely crazy?

Anyhow, back to earth Petra.

Maybe 80, 90, or 95% or more of the male population has better urge management capabilities or different aesthetic sensibilities than the rest of us. Poor lambs. There but for grace of <insert governing force here> go I.

So, a few brave sisters (7%) share my private suspicion that more than 20% of the male population cross dresses by this polls loose definition …. has worn female clothing in the last year. Perhaps all the Halloween hi-jinks figure into that thinking. I chickened out though and did not vote my own wild, private suspicion. I am amongst the 14% of the sample who believes (with more confidence in my case) that between 10 and 20% of men dally with lacy things.

Close to 80% of my friends here on site place us in the under 10% category, with absolutely certainty that at least 1% of the male population is in on the game. Pretty even distribution with a slim majority believing that the 5 – 10% range is where most of the preening and pirouetting is going on. And I think this is probably fair. But I just don’t know. I have not seen any real data on the topic, and it seems to me to be a hard topic to get really clear, honest and open answers on from the general population.

We all to some degree identify as male. Some as all male, others as a hybrid of elements. I suspect that many who dabble, or are curious are simply able to not address the curiosity full on, and live simpler lives without being engaged as the more dedicated cross dresser. Jolly good for them.

But when I think of how well hidden my cross dressing is from the people that I want it hidden from, I believe that I am not alone. Just on the basis of raw numbers, I am statistically certain that I know cross dressers who I do not know are cross dressers. And vice versa. And, O by the way, I realize that sentence may take another run through to make sense. Once more with feeling ….

I am statistically certain that I know cross dressers who I do not know are cross dressers. And vice versa.

I wonder who they are? I hope we all live long enough to get to know each other better. And if we do figure out that we are cross dressers or otherwise journeying on the same road that the other important things we figured out about each other do not change.

This weeks poll? So much focus on the economy these days. The retail sector is very badly hit. So, a shopping question … do you shop en femme?

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Cassidy Brynn said...

The Kinsey Report estimates that between 3-5% of the male population crossdresses regularly, and within the population there is a veritable rainbow of reasons why.

Nice poll btw

Cassidy Brynn said...

I've been thinking about your poll...I think there is a gender blending synergy occurring in western culture (and has for some time) that is building steam. The guys at college wear girl jeans to accentuate their...ahem..."junk." In Japan they sell bras for "non-crossdressers" and the skirt is coming back in vogue for men. Very 17th century, this trend in fashion. When I look at the young people on campus I see girls who do not do anything to accentuate their girliness. No make-up, accessories, etc. Girliness is out. Butchness is in. Many of the African-American gals are almost more masculine than the men...while the AA males wear bling(though not girly, it is jewelry)...

Lynn Jones said...

To add to Cassidy's point, then there's the whole metrosex thing of the past 10 years... Oh, and guyliner.

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