Nov 23, 2009

Does this font make my butt look huge?

Recently, my work has required me to analyze and twist larger mountains of names and numbers than is usually the case. For the first time in my life, after long days at the monitor, I have found my eyes just a little fatigued. Signs of age I suppose, and nothing to be alarmed at.

In this slightly weakened condition though, I have taken a new and not so fresh look at my own blog. I hadn’t noticed it before, but it is a bit dense ( …easy on there, Lynn ... too easy a set up for you …).

I have always been a small san-serif font kind of a scribe. I am a bit of an insensitive boob too, ready to believe that the rest of the world will be fine with my standards. Nature seems today ready to compensate for the failing eyes though with a little booster pack of empathy. Watch for the effects …. now.

Darling, if I made you squint, I am sorry. I’ve got some eye-wash somewhere is this damned purse … now where the hell is it …..

I am not really religious on the matter of size, font or otherwise, and have pretty much recuperated from my own stay in data hell,. I am ok with the present font size. But this is not about me. It is about you. I am asking for, and will act upon your advice this week. Please, all other considerations aside, let me know if things would be made more enjoyable for you with a little style sheet adjustment on my part. The poll on the right will be running through the weekend. One vote per customer s'ils vous plait.

If you want a larger font, I must in fairness warn you of the next problem:

You will probably get an index finger arthritic condition from having to scroll even more often. I am a windy little thing, and don’t see my postings changing from their current and corpulent 700-1000 word payload size. Sorry. There was the Blarney Stone somewhere in my youth. And I will go again, next time leaving a smart L’Oreal smack on the gabby old rock.

Some other minor site tweaks to mention while I am tidying the joint up for the holidays. The online product review section is now up to date. Some broken links removed and strong new ones forged. I do like a nice little bit of shopping.

Posting may be a lighter than usual this week, what with house guests and turkey induced torpor. Nudge me if I am snoring, would you? I will try to fit in the grand finale of last weeks big day out tomorrow though…

Ta ra for now m’dears…


chrissie said...

Yep, include me in with a problem reading small fonts...

And I am also cursed with a tiny sub-11 inch monitor too. can't afford a decent one for a while yet, not as this one still works.

I use a mouse wheel to scroll, so finger stress is not a problem. :-)


Carolyn Ann said...

Personally, if the font is too small, I just don't read the blog! If the article is too densely presented, I won't take the time, either. I don't mind long if the language is good; if it's not, I abandon it pretty quickly.

Serif fonts are, by the way, far easier to read. It's why you don't find sans-serif fonts used in newspapers, good magazines (trendy magazines will use them with alacrity) most books and good catalogs.

Sans-serif fonts are good for some things, but long stretches of text? Not really.

Carolyn Ann

Calie said...

Looks good to me, Petra, as it is now. Mine might be a bit small too.

Calie xxx

Leslie Ann said...

I've now got a bifocal prescription, though I haven't had glasses made yet. If I hold out long enough, maybe I'll need to get a feminine style!

I see your font just fine, and I think the sans-serif is very distinctive, like your writing and world view. Don't mess with perfection.

Leah said...

This is funny... I feel you are watching me squint right now. Well, I can manage this. I love reading your posts so even if you don't want to make the font huge, I'll still read and squint. But the wrinkles?!? Hahaha!

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