Nov 7, 2009

Cross dressers of the world, unite!

There are slender odds that a tiny trickle of you kind, beautiful visitors are not fully acquainted with and trans-crushing on Staci-Lana over at world famous Femulate. If you are in that trickle, be a complete lamb and meet me quietly in the next paragraph for a little chit chat.

Yes. I am addressing you directly here. If you do not know Femulate, now is the time.

Staci-Lana is running a poll for a few days. The more participants, the better the insights. Not only for a dear friend, but for you too. Well, that is to say that you can see results in near real time. Please visit. Then put a little thought to how you identify yourself. Then vote. This is good practice. Remember, 2010 is a Census year here in the good old US of A, so limber up for that labor with a mere flick of a mouse on Femulate today.

After that, give yourself a treat.

Long time visitors to Voyages en Rose know that I take my pretty hosiery pretty seriously. I have attempted to turn my passion for pantyhose into a science (without losing the thrill along the way) here in a weekly feature I call Petra’s Pantyhose Parade. If you have enjoyed those posts, or just generally have an eye and a thigh for fine things, then you simply must visit The Panty Drawer. Our correspondent, Tights Lover, goes places with a passion for hosiery and foundation garments that I admire and endorse.

I then suppress a small eruption of jealousy at TL’s ability to effortlessly swan around in a seemingly endless ocean of up-market, high-end, far from bargain-bin leggings and etc., because jealousy does not serve well in any circumstances, right? Of course. There, Petra is all better now.

So go visit, enjoy the views and insights, and leave a happier, smarter dresser. However you identify yourself.

Enjoy the weekend. Happy Dressing and everything else … Petra

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