Jul 21, 2009

Polls, Blog Maintenance and a Pre-amble to a She-amble

Dear friends, just back from a perfectly empty headed vacation (meant in a zen-ish way, not in a vapid and vacuous way). Mrs. B, myself and extended family gathered in a quiet place and more or less unplugged from our complex, cluttered and distracting world. Food, sunrises, sunsets, long walks (flats only, Petra left out of the festivities entirely) and general contemplation of natural beauty. And superb wine. I return with the strength of 10 men, of which I might be able to form one barely adequate girl. Time will tell.

I left with a hastily written and by my standards, poorly crafted blog entry (looky
here….) on the topics of shopping and of a proposed expansion of the unofficial cross dressers dictionary. I shopped well, yes, but was entirely thrown from the saddle by my twitchy, coltish muse in my attempt to clear the word hurdle. Cravenly I left it to you in last weeks poll.

Bravely, 6 of you stepped up and gave voice to your views. The rest of you arched an eyebrow, turned smartly on your heels, and found comfort elsewhere. Really can’t say I blame you.

But in the interests of creating a field of study for future trans-lexicographers, lets look at the results.

Deadlocked and inconclusive. The only certain taking from this too too small sample is that the word Sheruption is an absolute non-starter. Fair enough. And in hindsight it’s a word that would better describe the process that a female Hulk© might go through. A little too tectonic and violent to fairly describe the tranquil and beautiful outcomes that the embrace of ones feminine self produces.

So with a photo finish, I will take Publisher Privilege and anoint a winner.

Tranceformation connotes that the process of emerging from a long drab spell subverts the will. I am far too willing to require a trance.

Shemergence leaves me with a picture quite like time elapsed photography of a flower budding. Beautiful yes, but too constant in process and too predictable in its final frame.

But Girlwind I am coming around to. The girlwind feels just a little more chaotic and unpredictable. It does buffet you, but you have anchors nearby to hold on to. And there is nothing quite so still, fresh and clear as the aftermath of a storm.

I was helped along to the view by a dear correspondent some of you may know, and who is a part of my Blog Maintenance here today. Leslie Ann likes Girlwind. And I like Leslie Ann’s blog “
Out of My Mind” which is now in my Essential Reading Blogroll over on your right…

Essential Reading is, essentially, just that at this point. These blogs are favorites of mine because some combination of the qualities of honesty, humor, advocacy, exploration are mixed earnestly and carefully by writers who clearly respect themselves, and respect the people who might read them.

If you have not visited these sites my friends, please do. And if you can find the time to start at the start and catch up to where our sisters have found themselves today, you won’t regret setting the time aside.

I have moved the flouncy eye-candy elsewhere. While you can never have too much of that sort of content, it is now separated from the more literary efforts and listed under the Fashion, Foundations and Femininity Links section, again, right column.

And as to a pre-amble to a she-amble, well I simply cannot say when Petra will be ambling about exactly, but as evidenced by my recent attention to this blog and to wonderful friends met here online, I will confess that I am feeling stirrings of interest. The first gentle gusts of the Girlwind. So there is the pre-amble. More to note soonish, and perhaps more frequently.

Thanks all for visiting and for your friendship. Happy dressing and happy everything else - Petra


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

you should be a professional writer - your blog is filled with so many thoughts and fun expressions!!

Couture Carrie said...

I agree with the previous commenter ~ lovely, well-written blog!


Petra Bellejambes said...

Chere Mme. F, again, thanks for the visit and the too too kind words.

And dear new friend Carrie, I blush. Your wonderful blog is newly linked in my Fashion, Foundations and Femininity section.

You both so beautifully merchandise your passions in your blogs that I just cannot help but admire you. If either of you ever want the views of a cross dresser expressed for your audience, I am entirely at your service.

Happy dressing, and every thing else....


Couture Carrie said...

P.S. Darling, even your comments are eloquent ~ thank you!


Lynn Jones said...

Just for fun, what about: it's shimmer time. :) Although that's not a word is it. Rats. :-\

Girlwind? I'm sorry but it has the word "wind"* in it. Is there anything ladylike about one's own wind? :)

* Although to be fair, so does the word "window", but it gets away with it :)

Petra Bellejambes said...

I want to extend trans-oceanic thanks to Lynn for tendering Voyages en Roses' first fart reference! This is an important threshold.

I feel so much better, and oddly freer with that out of the way.

Lynn, you always have the most correct thought at the ready. Just how do you do it?

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