Jul 30, 2009

Mad Men, Powerful Women, and a whimsical time machine

Having a few minutes to kill, and prompted by Staci-Lana of Femulate fame and fortune I took a test drive through MadMenYourself.com and very truly enjoyed myself. I tip my Leopard Pill-box hat to you dear, and feel as though I have connected with a past life without the bother of a costly, creepy séance.

Viewers of quality television here in this part of the world have enjoyed 2 seasons of Mad Men, a terrific AMC program (programme for you speakers of another Queens’ English …) set in a golden era of marketing, fashion and foundation garments. I feel an almost inexpressible sense of loss for not having knowingly lived, thrived, dined and dressed in this peak time of imagined American possibilities. If I did, I am quite certain that my feminine aesthetics have been carried with me, wholesale, freeze-dried and perfectly preserved through the burning bras, de-sexed power suits and clumpy platform soled shoes of eras that followed too, too fast on the click clacking heels of this innocent and imperfect window on our then limitless, frightening future.

Apart from the terrific writing, the unsurpassed art direction, lighting and camera work, and the gorgeous, make you want to cry good wardrobe, this show is to be admired for its own marketing and promotion acumen and execution. Season 3 premieres on 16 August. Just 2 weeks plus till a long overdue sighting of Joan in a bullet bra. God speed the day. In the meantime do visit the site, and get caught up in the past. You will find a simple little interactive game that whisks you back in time, with the gender assignment you feel most comfortable in. A few clicks, a little thoughtful consideration about just who you are and/or were, and presto … a lovely screen saver or perhaps an internet avatar for your personal use.

Petra of the Past is pictured here. I have not made up my mind as to whether of not Sterling Coopers comps are up to standard for my luxurious line of intimates. Fully fashioned stockings, OBG,s and super-engineered brassieres for the beautifully shaped girl on the go. But I do suspect that in this life I was able to get my way, in a very efficient way. And I will unnerve the Account Director by insisting on paying for my own cocktail, thank you very much.

For a simpler, shorter trip back in time, I did muse a little about Mad Men and the long sad demise and near death of the feminine undergarments of my dreams here on Voyages en Rose. It might take you 5 minutes to visit those thoughts by clicking here.

Go have some fun, and may your closets and drawers of the present always be filled with pretty things of our past.


Lynn Jones said...

LOL. That's a hoot. I ran off and did it too. Although it was the blue shift dress for me. :)

Do you think they'd do a port for Quake Arena? :-)

Petra Bellejambes said...

Lynn, you ARE a persuasive woman, but I think that the Quake look requires more synthetic fabric than is within the gift of these mad men and (under)wired women.

And of course, the blue shift flatters you, but, what pray tell wouldn't?

Lynn Jones said...

what pray tell wouldn't?

Anything too fitted. LOL :)

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