Jul 10, 2009

Keeping a hand in. Part II

So, I am a little flustered with work weeks end drills and prep for a smallish holiday, but I did want to finish what I started friends in Part I of this tale right over ….. here.

I guess I was feeling a little chuffed after my innocently self inflicted outing the other day. For those of you who were neither raised or bedded by a Scottish Nanny here is a definition for "chuffed" tendered by the always entertaining and academically suspect Dictionary of English Slang over at

Adj. Pleased, delighted. Compare with 'dischuffed' and 'chuffed to buggery'. E.g."I'm well chuffed at the result."

And do you know, being open about cross dressing, and engaging with a perfect stranger about it reminded me just how fun this whole thing can be and, should be. Chuffed and well chuffed indeed. You will gather from recent posts that cross dressing has been more a matter of rumination for me of late. Lots of thoughts bashing around within my unwigged and sometimes unmoored head, but no urges to dress. The feelings are never too far from mind it seems even when the wardrobe is. And all the pondering is, well, ponderous and absent of the whole fun thing.

But there I was, yes, chuffed, and finished with my next meeting, with a little more time on hand, went back shopping. In drab. Openly for myself. Wolford’s was on sale and I simply could not resist the temptation. Then, to the bargain end of the retail trade then for a quick run through the always reliable and still surprisingly fresh JC Penney for a really terrific suit at a wildly low price. Things that will wear well a little later in the season when Georgia cools off and Petra warms up.

And so now to the previously promised 2nd new cross dressing word. Except not quite. You see I have been hunting around for the perfect expression for the process of coming out of a drab phase. Experience tells me that my present torpor, partly inspired by the weather, will end some day. Experience suggests as well that it will be a slow dawning rather than a light switch. Experience also gently points out that resistance is futile. And I want to encapsulate and prepare for all of that with by coining a cute and useable word that describes the phenomenon.

Alas, I have fallen short, and so am going to pitch the effort over to you dear friends. A new Petra’s Poll of the Week is presented here. Its just over to the right and a little scootch down. I have a few candidate expressions. I am not in love yet. So, I am here in need of your counsel. Please take a look and pick a favorite. Perhaps this is an experience and a feeling you have had, and that we share.

Comments and suggestions welcomed as always. I will be out of town and off the grid for a nice summer holiday for the next week, and look forward to hearing your thoughts upon my return around the 20th of July.

And whether we all are able to settle on a perfect word or not, I really am looking forward to the process. And it will be fun.

Very warm regards, happy dressing and everything else in the meantime…..


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