Jul 14, 2010

Guest Post Snack Pack

I am delighted, chuffed in fact, to be guest blogging today over at The Lingerie Addict. The proprietress of this lovely site, Treacle, is a star of both the internet and the underworld. My little essay is on the topic of some of the steps a Cross Dresser might take to achieve an attractive, curvy and convincing effect around the belly and butt. While this essay is focused on the particular requirements of the M2F Cross Dresser, I believe that people of the full time female persuasion might get a kick out of the article too. At the very least, the ladies might enjoy a well deserved giggle, a small measure of payback out of the knowledge that you are not the only ones who sometimes madly wrestle their way into their clothes. Please visit Treacle. She is a treat.

As for you delightful fans of Treacle, I bid you a fond welcome. Clearly, we share an enthusiasm, and would no doubt have much to chatter about if we got to know each other better. If you have a little time to kill here, you might get to know me a little better by rummaging around a while. I have arranged a small bouquet of posts for you below. Most are lingerie themed, but not all. Grab a coffee or something even more fortified and stay a while.

Here, you will find a product review on Calvin Klein pantyhose. This is one of about 30 such reviews I put together over the last couple of years. If hosiery is your thing, just do a site search on “Petra’s Pantyhose Parade” for the rest of the entries.

For an opinion on the Stockings vs. Pantyhose debate, my 2 cents worth is offered

A very professional brassiere fitting is big stuff for any lingerie enthusiast. I wrote breathlessly about my time lost in a fitting rooms endless reflections of me and a rich bounty of beautiful bras just right over
here. This is a field trip I highly recommend to both part time and full time women. Especially full time.

Well, enough about the underthings.
Here is a little essay on a very nice chat I had with a complete stranger whilst poking about the clearance racks in the shoe section of a nice-ish department store.

If you are the type of person who enjoys wading through mediocre poetry, and desirous of seeing exactly how a Cross Dresser sums up a life in 2 wardrobes in a few short stanzas, then surely, this post
here is for you. I trust however if you are that person, that you have likely by now found the right meds and would only want to read my lame poetry out of morbid curiosity. You have been warned.

I am always happy to know visitors to Voyages en Rose better, so please, if you feel so inclined, leave a comment. Thanks so much for your visit here, and to The Lingerie Addict.

Happy dressing and everything else…


Treacle said...

It's a pleasure to feature you on my blog today! Thanks for helping me take a little break. :)

Jerica Truax said...

Great to see my 2 favorite fashionistas cross posting together!! =) I hope someday to have a smidgen of the fashion sense you 2 have!!! *hugs* Love ya both!!

<3 Jerica

Couture Carrie said...

I love Treacle too!
Fabulous links, darling Petra!
Am off to check out your guest post now :)


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