Dec 30, 2010

Five for ’10. A Look Back Blogwise

It is a well accepted convention in the worlds of media, journalism and here too in the treacherous mountain passes of Blogistan to pause for a moment in late December, and look back over the year. I will vary only slightly from the convention in so far as I will pause for a moment, then flick my hair over my shoulder and put one hand on hip, before looking back.

Now, where the hell was I?

Ah, yes, Dear Reader, in the spirit of providing you with a retrospective view of what I feel to be some of the highlights of this years fun and games here at Voyages en Rose, and furthermore with the view of saving me the heavy lifting of actually writing something new of value, I present the following posts for your grazing and mulching pleasure.

I have pulled these stalks from the stubble field of the past year because I quite like the writing and thinking in them. I think they either have a smart observation or two, or are simply well executed works of word-smithing. Perhaps even both.

In The Cross Dresser on the Ramparts of Change I take a big old swing at placing my personal habits in the context of the ongoing sexual/societal revolution that has been a pretty constant feature of my nearly half-century life.

I wrote Things I like. Perhaps you do too for an audience not interested in matters of gender, presentation and the like. I had a guest post up on Miss Neira’s fashion blog that I expected would drive a little traffic here, traffic that was unfamiliar with matters familiar to you and I. This piece was intended to establish some common ground between me and new visitors. I think it did, and happily, I made a couple of new friends in the process.

I built a metaphor for Cross Dressing Character and exposed it to a sustained blast of 12 g-forces that surprisingly did not shatter its constituent letters and splatter the authors face with goo. That the metaphor is stolen from Shakespeare particularly tickles the author. The author will now stop referring to herself in the 3rd person.

Next up, 5 (un) Easy Pieces is a big departure for me, and an attempt at a structured, poetic exploration of my own long, troubled and really, only recently easy life of Cross Dressing. I am happy with the finished piece, but remember the making, editing and polishing process as some of the most involved, demanding, time evaporating and rewarding moments of my life. Very proud of the piece still.

Lastly, may I commend to you a 2 piece suite that goes to the core of “why”, or at least a part, a knowable part of the why I do as I do themed “The Art of Cross Dressing". (Part 1 and Part 2). The Rubik's Cube is not fully solved, but I do have the pink side pretty much fixed up.

All of this stuff is fairly ponderous. It is the stuff that happens in my cerebral precincts. There is more to life though than the life of the mind though. My next Five for ’10 list will feature the most memorable moments, out in the big wide open, en Femme, amongst friends and the unsuspecting both. The visceral stuff. I am going to have a lot of fun rebuilding those moments in my mind, and look forward to sharing them over the next couple of days.

Thanks, and thanks eternally for your many visits here. You make the writing worthwhile. This I value greatly.

Happy New Year.


Pat Scales said...

Thank you for a nice trip down memory lane. I have enjoyed your blog and I have enjoyed traveling with you as you have explored the why, wherefore, how-to and whatever else crosses your fancy about reconciling the CD with the rest of your life.
You are inspirational. I do recall readinng some of the prior posts but I must have missed your guest post at Neira's site. Reading that post was like being on the inside of a secret society. I enjoyed the comments to your blog on her site and wondered how many of those nice commenters knew about Petra.

May I wish you a Happy, Healthy, well hosed and High Heeled New Year.


Couture Carrie said...

It's been an exquisite year on your blog, darling Petra! Your posts are always a pleasure to read ~ extremely well-written and insightful. Keep up the amazing work!

Best Wishes for 2011 :)


Petra Bellejambes said...

@ Pat - thanks for the encouraging words, they go an awful long way. A very happy New Year to you and loved ones too.

@CC - warm hugs sent to your cold corner of the country. Thanks for all your inspiration. We will shop someday, yes?

xxoo - Petra

Halle said...

As CC suggests, it would be enough to just look forward to reading your beautiful prose... then you have to go get me thinking too!! :-D

Keep an eye on those pink cubes as you work on the rest.

Warm thoughts for 2011.

Lynn Jones said...

Happy New Year, Petra. I hope it is kind to you.

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