May 26, 2010

Things I like. Perhaps you do too.

Today, I am very happy to welcome a stylish young clatter of visitors from Miss Neira’s wonderful blog, F.A.B. (Fashion, Art, Beauty), where I am guest posting today. First time visitors here have likely guessed by now that Voyages en Rose is not a typical fashion blog. There usually is some chatter here about matters of style, yes, but all of that chatter is informed by the perspective of an enthusiastic part-time Cross Dresser. .

I am a big fan of Neira. Back in March in fact I granted her my not-at-all sought after “
Heel of Approval” award for her general attitude about and experience with people like me. Neira has lots of enthusiasm about life and no hang ups about people who share her passions. Assuming that you have all of that in common with her, I thought I would put together some notes on some things we, you and I, might have in common.

Many of these things are as natural, instinctive and everyday as breathing is to you. For the Cross Dresser, not so much. These things are fresh experiences, learned habits and skills, or perhaps feelings drawn from a deep well within that is not fully understood.

These moments can become natural and instinctive with practice, but they remain special. These things, sensations and experiences are typically exclusive to women, and a real treat for those of us who emulate you now and then. It is fair to say that those of us not born to the fairer sex set are a little envious of you. Some of us ultimately find a way to live your lives fully, but most do not. I will not. I am happy in my life as a guy. But I am delighted to have another dimension to express within that life. Doing so makes me a better person.

There is much that I like about life en Femme. Here are some of those things.

I like:

- Having a door held open for me by a gentleman
- When a waitress brings black table linen to keep lint from my lap
- That my face can be a canvas for colors, and can be made more beautiful
- Swinging my legs out of the car,

- Knowing that they caught someone’s eye
- A zip closing up the back of a well tailored dress
- That a nearly weightless pair of shoes can change my height
- That their pencil thin heels radically alters the way I walk and the very shape of my legs
- Knowing that the time required to be beautiful is a luxury and treating myself to it
- The weight of big chunky bracelets
- The sweet and sharp scents of perfume around me
- When a beautiful stranger asks me where I found my skirt
- The incredible feel of my legs after a nice, relaxed warm shave
- That my eyes can pop and they can smolder
- Shaking out shoulder length hair
- Centering a skirt, and then smoothing it down
- Knowing that it won’t stay centered, smooth or down
- Trying to protect frail sheers from my dogs sharp nails when I come home
- Pulling the second shoe on, from behind my bent knee, by the heel
- Leaning across the table and quietly sharing a secret in a restaurant
- When the pedals on my piano and in the car feel slightly new and different
- That I can button a top with my other hand
- When the sales assistant brings something that works to the fitting room
- How my skirt shortens my stride, just a little, and slows me down, just enough
- How a cool necklace falls on my warm throat
- Finding a great deal and knowing that it will look terrific on me
- The trace of lipstick on my wine glass
- That nothing feels as silky as a great silk blouse
- Cinching the belt on a killer coat
- Throwing a bag from a really nice shop up onto my shoulder
- Purple. Lilac. Animal prints. And black. Lots of black

Above all, I like the way our world looks when I feel these things on those occasions it is my privilege to go out into the world en Femme.

And I like that I am able to share these nice things with you here today, whether these are things you do every day, only from time to time, or simply hope to enjoy some happy day in your future. Thanks for your visit.

What do you like?

P.S. If you don't know Neira, you will like her too. Please visit and say hi for me.


Lynn Jones said...

An interesting list, thanks for sharing those.

To return the favour of information:

- Getting an outfit just right.
- Finding something fab in your size in the sale.
- A good night out with like minded friends.
- Did I mention dancing? :)
- Buying a gift and seeing the recipient's face light up.

Halle said...

This is a wonderful and for someone like me, a suggestive post Petra; suggestive like a siren song.

Thanks for doing what you do so well girl!



Leslie Ann said...

A glorious list! My heart quickened multiple times. You capture the nuances so well.

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