Sep 7, 2010

High Heeled High School

In my youth, before the continental masses settled where they presently are, and before the popularization of silicon chips and silicon breast forms, Labor Day, the most bittersweet day of the year, signaled an end and a beginning. Summer vacation, the time of lazy, formless liberty was at an end, which was pretty much the sum of the bitter parts. The rest was sweet, and filled with anticipation. What does my class schedule look like? Do I have cool teachers? Who is going to make my heart hammer and maybe, just maybe this time, not break?

Labor Day today still represents a beginning and an end. The beginning, or better said, beginnings of many things: Autumn for instance, and the return of pleasant outdoor conditions. Crisp mornings, bearable days, and cool evenings. Not so much of the ceaseless thrum of air conditioners.

And with those nice things an end, the end of Drabbatical, my annual, Climate and Phase of the Moon influenced time away from en Femme presentation.

No bitter. All sweet.

Southern Comfort Conference kicks off officially tomorrow here in Atlanta and attendees are flocking in from all around the globe early. There was an informal meet and greet last night in the bar at the Perimeter Crown Plaza and I threw myself into the mix. It had been 5 full months since my last genuine Petra immersion/excursion, and so yes, I have been kind of counting days down dear friends.

5 months of Drab, I am sure to some of you, must appear to be a form of self abuse at worst, or neglect at best. Why, why dear Petra do you subject yourself to it? How awful for you. Allow me a moment to address the issue of the long months away.

Heat. Atlanta is a warm town, and here in 2010 is enduring its 3rd hottest year on record. Wigs, pads and makeup fail.

Social Requirements. Most of the world knows the guy me. This happy person wears shorts often in the summer. Neatly shaved legs would be difficult to introduce into broader social circles. Perhaps some day I will take up cycling by way of cover for the shaving (and for the unquestionable cardio benefits), but for now, hairy legs on view April through August just makes it easier for the world to deal with me. I like easy.

And at the end of the day though, it is not really all that awful. Life is busy, blogging keeps me happy, and anticipation of the privilege of getting out and about en Femme is a nice thing to cultivate.

With that said, I am happy, very happy indeed to see Labor Day.

Labors included a little shave, well, a big one rather, involving much facial hair, and drain clogging braids pruned from my legs. Good to feel smooth again, yes. Shocking tan lines, but those will fade with time and I have a little spray-on camouflage in the meantime.

On with the ensemble, featuring an Ann Taylor skirt (clearance, $13.81 down from $118.00) topped with a simple silk cami and featherweight cardi, embellished with some choice bling from Mrs. Bellejambes' priceless and stylish collection. On the legs, some super lightweight, 8 denier Italian sheers from
Trasparenze, oddly dressy and invisible at the same time from I will write up a nice piece on my new favorite hosiery vendor later in the autumn. I encourage all of you to visit and give yourself, your legs, and anyone who looks at them a little treat in the meantime.

There was an element of High School in the evening, with me being the New Kid in the neighborhood, and many of seasoned prior attendees happily reuniting, recognizing old friends, and already knowing more or less what the rest of the week looks and feels like.

The night itself was a delight, and a real change for me. Typically, I find myself out in the world blending into my surroundings and being in the minority. I do not have so much practice in settings where the poly-gendered are the highly visible and dominant majority. Well, this week, birds of our uncommon feathers are both of these things. We have the run of hotel, and no doubt will be storming nearby shopping, dining and cultural venues in intimidating, liberating and eye-popping numbers.

It was interesting to note the reactions of the civilian habitu├ęs of the Crown Plaza to the gathering swarms of slightly different people. The tables are turned, and I am sure that enquiries have been made of hotel management as to exactly who are these people, and how long will this odd Mardi Gras be going on?

Well, these people are my friends. And SCC will be going on right through till Sunday. No doubt, minds will be broadened in the meantime, my own included.

I look forward to sharing thoughts about it all with you in periodic posts this week. Now to figure out an outfit for today.

Happy Autumn everyone.


Tights Lover said...

First of all, you look great, Petra. I'm glad we've emerged from another season of drab.

Secondly, I hope you're having a great time at SCC. I'm sure you are. I'm looking forward to some great stories and photos in your upcoming posts.

Perhaps I'll have the pleasure of making it down to this conference some day.

Jerica Truax said...

yay you look so pretty girl and happy! =)

Glad you got to goto SoCo! Hope you have fun =)

Petra Bellejambes said...

@TL - take some small steps soon. I think you will please yourself. And then plan on visiting SCC next year.

@Jerica - Do think about visiting next year. I am a fiendish bargain finder. I suspect we could have a little fun shopping.

Thanks to you both for the nice, nice words.

xxoo - Petra

Couture Carrie said...

Yay for autumn!
You look stunning, darling Petra!


Anonymous said...

I agree. You definitely look great, and I hope you have a wonderful time as SCC.

Aislin said...

Given the eloquence of this post, I'm rather looking forward to this event! Might even be inspired to share a few Saph&Tonnies, and a natter, with a certain poised and stylish someone, only to regret not having the oppo to continue the acquaintance through the evening.
Though hazily recollected, this seems an oddly specific dream. Possibly, I need to de-tox, check the calendar, and have had refamiliarizing myself with tenses.

Petra Bellejambes said...

Dear Aislin

I too enjoy the company of poised and stylish people, so thank you for the nice reminder of our too short introduction.

Like you and many of our friends I will be doing a piecemeal forensic re-assembly of a wonderful week in the in between moments this week.

Never enough time for anything of real value, so I am very happy we each found a little time to spend with each other.

xxoo - Petra

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