Sep 29, 2010

Getting out the Vote effort

Some of you are old enough to remember all the way back to last August when I entered myself in a Victoria’s Secret $5,000 shopping spree sweepstakes. Some of you too were kind enough to throw a vote or 2 my way. Weirdly enough, with your help I managed to place #432 out of well over 10,000 contestants in the pretty online melee. Notes on just how close I came to smothering under the weight of a truckload of fully lined brassieres can be found here.

But don’t visit there just now. I am at it again, for a smaller prize, and with better odds I think.

My fashionable friend Miss Neira introduced me to Chictopia some time ago. Chictopia is a kind of Facebook meets Lookbook social network. Younger, prettier and more fashionable people than I congregate there, and so I created a profile and drop in from time to time to see what the style muse is whispering to those in the know.

Well, today I find out that Chictopia has a small Nine West giveaway on the go, and so I have elbowed my way into the “Search for a Stylish Sole” sweepstakes. One can never have too many shoes, and rare are the opportunities to get them for free.

I know, I know, the odds are slight, and stacked against me. But with that said, I came within a single misfiring neuron of adopting the name Dawn Quixote before embracing Petra Bellejambes as my Nom de Femme, so tilting against the windmills of reality is something that comes quite naturally to me.

Tilt with me now, won’t you my dear?

It should be an easy thing. Here, for example is a link. You will land up on a page that looks very much like the one pictured here. Just at the top right of the ensemble snapshot is some kind of votey-widgety-thingy that you should be able to click on without registering for anything. Unless you want to register and create a profile, which is a lovely way to defer taking the garbage out or tidying up the dinner mess for 5 minutes. And unless you think my look is ghastly. But in all honesty, I am just being greedy and grabby and am desirous of your vote. Do I need a platform to run on? OK, here it comes…

If elected I will institute sweeping reform to the Dry Cleaning and Valet Parking industries so that we, all of us, from sea to shining sea, will look more crisp while walking shorter distances into smart restaurants.

I hope that this is a change you can believe in. Again, link to the contest just here.

Momma needs a new pair of shoes. Thanks in advance for your sympathy and support.


Update: As it happens, some sort of Chictopia registration is required in order to vote. Damn. One of you cheerful people did, and then voted for me, and for this I am grateful. I think I have a better chance if I just self-fund my shopping spree. Alas.

Again, thanks!


Couture Carrie said...

Good luck, darling!
I, too, tilt against windmills!


Tights Lover said...

I'll be more than happy to vote early and often.

Good luck!

Couture Carrie said...

P.S. I love peplums too! That dress you chose is fantastic :)

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