Jan 13, 2010

More Log Rolling in High Heels

Long time readers will know that I am in the grip of a fascination, shall we say, with undergarments of the feminine variety. And while nostalgia ain’t what it used to be, I have very crisp pre-natal memories of fashion looks that pre-date Woodstock. I love vintage 50’s – early 60’s styles, inside and out. Put these two things together, and I can go without dessert. Which makes me a very big fan of legendary vintage lingerie maven “Slip of a Girl”. Slip is an accomplished and compulsive blogger with a terrific attitude about (or perhaps a happy indifference to) the gender of people who share her enthusiasm.

Her principal blog (linked above) is a daily pictorial treasure trove of lovely vintage foundation garments for everything from toes to tiara. What she cannot squeeze onto the pages of Slip of a Girl, finds a home on ”
A Tad Too Much Tan for Taupe“. Slip thinks of this blog as “… an insider blog for real fans”. Well that’s me. You too I hope.

In any event, Slip gave me a little virtual curtsey last week when she bestowed the “Glamourous Blog Award” to Voyages en Rose. I practically burst my long line bra with pride. Thanks Slip! Of course the honor comes with responsibilities, which net out to thinking a little bit about glamour, and spreading a similar class of love around to 10 worthy bloggers.

For those of you listed here, I really do not mean to add any work to your busy days, but I encourage you to follow the same protocol. This sort of niceness leaves all sorts of bread crumbs around our too vast blogistan and always have the impact of introducing your regular readers to blogs they may not found without your help. And you know how we all feel about a little spike in traffic and a new follower or two don’t we? So, go ahead, and pick 10 of your own, drop them an email, copy the lovely pic from this post, and give yourself and others a nice pat on the fanny.

So here is my quick 10, first, 6 friends …

Vanessa Law’s
Crossdresser Heaven
Jessica De Leon’s Jessica-Who?
Gabrielle Hermosa’s My CD Life
Claire Delilah Jane’s CDJanie
Tricia Dale’s Three Go Mad in Manchester, and
Jerica Truax’s
The Girl Inside.

And now, 4 fashion specialists

The whole lovely team at
Mademoiselle Frou-Frou at Frou-Frou Fashionista
Danae and Alison at Knickers Blog, and enfin
James Lillis of Black Fame at
Too Many Tights

These blogs invariably make my days brighter and the whole world just a touch more Glamourous (adore that Queens' English spelling). Thanks to all of you, and especially you Slip!

Lastly, while you are here, if you have not voted in Leslie Ann’s
poll this week, please, pretty please do. She is getting a statistically useful data sample on the question of left-handedness amongst the CD/TG set. Go and be counted!

Happy dressing and everything else...


Jerica said...

Wow thanks Petra! What an honor! I'll have to get a new post out about this today then. =)

Tights Lover said...

Congrats on the award...it's very much deserved!!

Gabrielle said...

Congratulations on your "Slip" glamour award, Petra! :D. Forgive the echo, but it is much deserved!! I am honored to have made your list of 10-worthy. Got me all smiling. Thank you! :)

SlipOfAGirl said...

Thanks, dear, for such kind praise while handing out your awards.

As for the matter of my attitude towards the gender of lingerie lovers, I'm not exactly sure how to define it... I won't pretend I wasn't surprised at the beginning by the number of transgender people, cross dressing folks, lingerie fetishists, etc., who commented/read at A Slip of a Girl, but I certainly was never offended or upset by it. Lingerie lovers are lingerie lovers! And who am I to say anything about what motivates another, or how anyone should live their lives -- especially when how they do do so hurts no one?

One thing I have learned now though, is that too many people are excluded or made to feel unwanted in our intolerant world. This includes blogging. Otherwise, why would so many be delighted to find out that I'm quite happy to talk about lingerie with anyone who will listen? And that's a shame.

But onto happy things! I now will celebrate your award by checking out the sites you've awarded :)

Have a slippity-do-da day!

PS I had awarded Frou-Frou Fashionista too. Great minds, and all that? lol

Petra Bellejambes said...

Jerica - well deserved! Loved your letter to management btw. Good luck with everything.

TL - thanks!

Gabrielle - go share the love!

Slip - nice to get to know you better, and thanks again for singling Voyages en Rose for notice. I am a fool for flattery - simply cannot get too much.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

Thank you Petra for the wonderful (and beautiful) award! It is an honor to be thought of, particularly with other blogs that I highly admire.
It is such a pleasure to read the comments you leave on my blog - the whimsy and fantasy woven into each of your comments is a signature style of yours that I immediately recognize!
thank you again!
xoxo alison

Treacle said...

Congratulations! I'm happy to see your blog is getting some well-deserved positive attention. :-)

danae said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful award Petra, you are so freaking lovely!

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