Sep 27, 2009

Soggy Blog

The worst weather seems to have passed, the forecast for the week is dry, and the basement is in the process of drying out. Life however remains in a state of mild uproar. There is a good amount of re-assembling, repairing and replacing of stuff that absorbed water damage. Manageable, all of it, but burdensome nonetheless.

The recent flooding took me away from my paying work entirely last week which puts in me in a deficit position from a time and money perspective. Something has to give while I catch up, and for me, that will be the blog.

If you want to keep entertained in the meantime, many of the people who follow this blog have very read-worthy blogs themselves. So go poke around the followers profiles, and see where the links lead you.

Thanks for the nice comments, words of encouragement and etc.

Looking forward to a return to my brand of normalcy sometime in October friends.

Ta ra for now …


Lynn Jones said...

Glad to hear that the damage wasn't too great. Bit of a bummer about the work issue, but it could have been worse.

I hope all goes well with getting stuff back on track.

See you in October :)

Leslie Ann said...

I blog despite deficit spending and abject poverty. I think your priorities are all wrong! Then again, I only buy the cheap pantyhose. I suppose certain standards must be maintained. We'll miss you, gorgeous!

Gabrielle said...

I'm glad you've weathered the terrible weather (relatively) well, Petra. I've lost possessions to water damage in the past myself, and it was rather costly at the time (as I had no flood insurance). I feel your pain.

I hope you're able to catch up in terms of work-load. Living paycheck to paycheck is another experience I'm all too familiar with. :(

Reflecting upon "Gabrielle" has helped me through my tough times of my own. In time, this will be but an irritating memory, and the lovely Petra will be delightfully smiling again. Focus on that, and good luck with the mess you must deal with for now. :)

Jessica De Leon said...

Hi Petra,

Best of luck with everything, I am sorry to hear of your misfortunes. I look forward to you getting everything taken care of and returning to us :)


Couture Carrie said...

Glad things are drying out over there, darling!


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