Aug 22, 2009

Cross Dressing Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

It seems, dear friends, that I spent yesterday smiling at the world with the online equivalent of spinach on my teeth. My morning correspondence today included a comment regarding yesterdays post on Cross Dressing in America from Leslie Ann:

I'm wondering where you got your population figures. I'm quite sure there are at least a million souls in Iowa. Might this be skewing your results?...

Hmmm. Fair question. And predictable answer. Answer being that your featherheaded friend Petra dropped a few statistical eggs on the way to market. I am not even going to bother with the forensics. Suffice to say that there are more than 32,555 people in Iowa. I would bet in fact that there are that many cross dressers in Iowa. At least on Halloween in any event. And yes, that sort of slip up would indeed skew the data.

So I quickly stitched up the split-seam, and having sucked in my gut a bit, present here the tidied up truth.

Iowa drops from the top of the podium all the way into the lower quintile with a ranking of 45th. Newly wearing the National Tiara are the Cherokee Roses of Georgia with a Petra’s Generalized State Propensity for Cross Dressing (PGSPCD) value of 39.51. To better understand the whole formula, please refer to the prior pose here.

Let me pre-empt a point here. I exclude my own IP address from Google Analytics results and so my narcissistic finger is not tipping the scales. I do have a good number of friends here in Georgia though. Being local does skew things a little bit.

That Georgia tops the list tough both makes me happy, and says something nice about Georgia. The nice thing being is that Georgia (OK, Atlanta) is a fine place to cross dress. Big enough for anonymity, shopping, and like minded company. A lovely climate (forgiving the too hot summers). Atlanta is a bit of a catchment area for people from all over who feel they grew up in a place too small to accommodate them in full. And as such, Atlanta benefits from the added color and spice that all sorts of curious people bring here. We are additionally home of one of the best connected airports on the planet which helps make Atlanta both a destination, and an easy place to leave. Drop a line if you are coming this way. I may have some good local advice for you.

Other Top 10 highlights:

The coastal North East region still dominates the top of the charts, with Vermont Clovers, and New York Roses filling out the podium. Sadly, no friendly Mid-Western states in the upper quintile. The Mid-Atlantic and South West too. Very happy to note a top ten appearance from one of the reddest of red states, the pretty Indian Paintbrushs' of Wyoming. I have always thought that it takes a real man to cross dress.

Moving through the national ranks. The second quintile (11 -20) is characterized by broad geographic distribution from east-most (White Pine Tassels of Maine) to west-most (Pua Aloalas of Hawaii). On balance, this is a group of physically large states with big open spaces, but where the bulk of the population is crowded into thriving urban centers. Conditions conducive to cross dressing perhaps.

The middle quintile draws a straight line between the Orange Blossoms of Florida northwest to the Forget-me-nots of Alaska, and burns in that most American direction, westward, through Sagebrush, Goldenrod and Jessamine. Like America itself, this is a mixed group of largely urban and largely rural states.

With our 4th quintile, from the Pasques of South Dakota to the Columbines of Colorado, the gently rolling prairies and thrusting mountain peaks of our cross dressing geography capture my eye and dominate the view. With the exception of Rhode Island and Tennessee, these are states settled in more recent times and more typical (as a group) of the American pioneering tradition.

Our lowest quintile does not furnish me with any easy insights. And somebody does have to bring up the rear I suppose. The corrected data does not change yesterdays claims. The dear Camellias’ of Alabama (0.29), Apple Blossoms of Arkansas (0.25), and Magnolias of Mississippi are still, relative to national averages, under-developed in many areas, including perhaps, underdressing and etc.

The full chart can be viewed by clicking on the smallish image on your right here friends.

Thanks for visiting. Any time you catch a flaw in my work or spinach on my teeth, do a friend a solid would you and let me know?

Happy dressing everywhere.


Couture Carrie said...

Divine data, darling!

And I promise I'll let you know if you have spinach in your teeth if you'll do the same for moi?


Petra Bellejambes said...

Of course my dear and stocking runs too! xoxox

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