Aug 26, 2009

Cross Dressing, Contests and Curves

Faithful fellow wayfarers on these Voyages en Rose will note my recent entry in, and feeble attempt to win, a Victoria’s Secret giveaway, the Body by Victoria 3 Day NYC spa and shopping spree. I want to first of all thank those of you who did take a minute to leave no chad hanging and actually support this cross dressers campaign. As of this morning (Aug 26, with a little under a month left in the sweeps), I seem to be the best placed cross dresser. Hooray!

Now admittedly, my suspicion is based solely on a very cursory examination of the photo galleries of my fellow contestants. The girls look very real, but you know how good we are at cloaking when we really try. Nonetheless, I take some pride at currently being placed in the top 400 (#396) of some 6100 ++ entries.

With that said, I am a realist. I am just treading in these fragrant waters, slowly moving forward while being left in the wake of more seriously connected, determined and deserving competition. Which leads to curves part of the post. There are 3 types of curves that I have in mind are relevant to this post.

  • Standard Distribution Curves (think of a Bell Curve)
  • Power Distribution Curves (think of a curve high at one end, with a steep declining slope), and
  • Feminine Curves. Hips, butts and breast that the genetic woman is blessed with that I am not.

Well the Body by Victoria contest is a real power curve. At the top of the curve with nearly 7,000 votes is Casey. No argument, a heart-stirring story, and a women worthy of a weekend of luxury. I truly hope she wins. In 50th place is Jessica with 365 votes. A range of roughly 6,700 votes within one group of 50 entries. In 100th place is Sorayah (159, love the name). This sort of rapidly diminishing gap between fixed data points is called a “scale invariance” and this is what makes a power curve look like it does. Here are the BBV contest rankings plotted out. Not very expertly, but they illustrate the problem, and my newly adopted reality.

While I rank quite highly, I stand absolutely no chance of climbing the steep power curve up to Casey’s admirable heights, no matter how sensible a pair of shoes I chose for the effort. Even with your unfailing, daily and generous support.

But there I am, in the campaign, seemingly unable to bow out to leave the path more clear for more deserving and more curvy contestants. Many of whom, I must say have curves to be envied.

It has been fun though to see my entry on a very slick and graphically compelling web site, especially a site in the VS family. I am a fan of their product and am happy to have been treated respectfully while shopping there, both en femme and in drab. Beyond that little thrill, I will satisfy myself with the purchase of a new Body by Victoria bra sometime between now and the real onset of Autumn. That should help out with my own lamentable curves.

It has also been exciting to note that many of you did throw a little kindness my way. Very much appreciated. And while the delusional dream of winning still danced in my head, it was interesting to consider just exactly what Victoria would do with a cross dresser who won. Cameras and microphones tend to come out for these events. No doubt there would have been a PR headache or 2 along the way, but perhaps this might have been one of those moments that helps those of us still in the shadows to get a little positive daylight.

Perhaps for a younger generation of cross dressers. Here is hoping…

If you have, or if you do enter just for the fun of it, drop a comment here with your profile link, and I promise you a vote in return.

Thanks, happy dressing and everything else…

and PS - the link to vote for Petra remains here...


Laura said...


Inspired by your blog I myself (although a non-cross dresser) have placed a vote for you. I do not discriminate against others and actually look up to the confidence you portray. I myself having what others consider a models image, I lack the confidence of believing it sometimes. So faced with what you must endure on almost a daily basis of the glances stares or judgements can be falsely accusing. Although yes this contest is pretty unrealistic as it stands now as you mentioned, just to be listed underneath the Victoria's Secret name is pretty amazing :) So anyways I myself love to write and I also wanted to mention that I like your writing, especially the part about a sensible pair of shoes! (too cute) So here is to you Petra, to your inner and outer beauty! If you would like to see me I am at link: .. and as it stands you hold more votes! Congrats!

Petra Bellejambes said...


I am moved beyond words. That you took the effort, that your words about me were so kind, that your words about yourself are so honest and revealing ... well my mind reels, quite nicely, and in an entirely unexpected way.

You must always seek the company of people who build you up, people who see greatness in you. It is difficult to perceive greatness (or even goodness) in ourselves sometimes. Your choices about who you spend your precious time with is the key to harvesting, and sharing the greatness, the goodness, and the kindness you deserve.

Sincere thanks. Never doubt your beauty. And O, by the way, you have my vote too.

Fondly yours, Petra

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