Jan 1, 2012

Prowling and Pouncing on the New Year

Putting aside, for just a moment the still real possibility that the Mayans were right all along, and our whole loving world goes kaput some time or other this year, I am quite looking forward to 2012.

Amongst other things, I feel driven to expand my animal style menagerie to include Zebra prints. Yes friends, Leopard has been done to death, and I feel partly responsible. So, yes, the 2012 forecast is all about Zebra. Tiger too. Ocelot also I suppose. And more Snakeskin and other motifs Reptilian, ne c'est pas??

Oh, who am I fooling? There will be Leopard too.

(ed. Leopard, darling, I was only joking. Those other animals, they mean nothing to me. It’s always, only been you.)

As busy as things have been with work, family, holidays and the rest of the year end madness, I am happy to report that Petra has been shown some good loving care of late. There were three life giving outings in  December, our darkest, brightest month.

A few weeks back now, dear friend Gabrielle put together a social at Atlanta’s Club Chaparral, and I was delighted to see a beautiful brace of local luminaries and various Gendernauts all dolled up on a school night.

Gabrielle starts off at 6’ tall before the heels go on. And this evening she had the absolute nerve to fix her hair in an up-do. That’s a whole lotta girl. It was good to catch up with her not having chatted since Ramona’s memorial service. Managed as well happily to spend time with the inexhaustible Miss Edie, Phoebe Reece, Debbie Lynn and other friends old and new. Gabrielle plans to make a Thursday evening social a regular feature of life here in Atlanta. Drop me a line here if you are local and looking for more information.

Pastor Paul, leader of the epically open minded, liberal faith community at First Metropolitan Community Church was in attendance too, and tendered an invite to his Christmas service luncheon for the following Sunday. I ran a little late because honestly, I simply don’t know how to do Church appropriate eye make-up.

Loads of families, a wild palette of complexions, young and old and warm welcomes all around. Miss Edie brought along her Gretsch, a stack of amps and her sweet, sweet voice for musical entertainment. Real holiday season stuff. Nice to catch up with Barbara especially. My Lizard pumps were a big hit with the choir girls.

And with the curtain closing on 2011 last night, I slithered into a party frock and shimmied out into the night. CyndiLou and Joanne Purcell managed to organize cocktails, dinner and entertainment for twenty or so local ladies and loving partners. I had a prior obligation and so sadly could not stay for supper or the undoubtedly fun times had by all at Le Buzz. Do you know though, even a short few hours en Femme in great company really goes a long, long way.

Loads of gold(ish) bling, a clingy dress, powdered and perfumed surfaces, a genuine New Years Eve effort. I felt like a million dollars my dears. There is a vast wide river of confidence that flows from having a well put together look. The belief that you are wearing the nicest lingerie in the room doesn't hurt either.

It comes out in the walk, shaking the hair out, throwing the shoulders back and smiling as the doors slide open into the lobby of a nice hotel. Stop a moment, scan the room, meet all the eyes, spot the bar and stride on in, heels on tiles and that slightly breathless feeling that I still get, that feeling that I hope never goes away.

The feeling that I can summon up even the smallest fraction of power that women have. The power to make the world stand still. How dazzled I have always been by that power, and how privileged I feel to touch it as fleetingly as I do.


I did mention prior obligations though, yes? They necessitated a fast drive home and transformation back into the more broadly known me for a most excellent celebration with Mrs. Bellejambes and the company of a lovely couple to usher 2012 in with.

We spoke briefly, Mrs. B and I about the possibility of ushering in the year in Petra-mode. It was a serious discussion and a real coin toss in my view. Ultimately, my beautiful wife came upon words that made it a no-brainer for me.

“I want to go into the new year as us”.

And so we did. It was good. Great in fact.

I still have a facility for trousers, cuff links and a smart blazer after all. Yet another Leopard that cannot change spots. 

Each of us, Mrs. B. and I, are accommodating “Petra” better here now than we did a year ago. I feel as though the year ahead holds even more promise of understanding, discovery and sharing than any year in the past. I most sincerely hope that you are feeling that way about your prospects too.

Happy New Year.


Josie T-girl said...

You look fantastic! I adore the leopard dress you're wearing at the piano. Absolutely gorgeous. Seeing it, I think I too would love wearing it. Nylons and heels would not be optional, rather a must. Hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year and a great 2012.

daisychain said...

a very Happy New Year to you

CyndiLou said...

Petra.. it was such a nice surprise to see you at Cocktails! It wasn't the same without "you" the rest of the evening but we know you had a wonderful time where you needed to be! We wish and Mrs. B a very happy New Year and the 4 of can celebrate at another date! Hugs to you!

Petra Bellejambes said...

Josie - thanks for the kind words and your visit. Happy New Year to you.

Dear Laura - I want a fraction of your style. Is that too much to ask?

CyndiLou! Rest of the evening was lovely, but soooooo good having time with you and Joanne.

Will absolutely see more of you both in this gorgeous new year :)

Lynn Jones said...

We (humanity) survived SkyNet, so I can't help but think the 2012 end of the world will be equally uneventful. :-)

Quality job on the time-stop move in the hotel.... oh, and happy New Year.


Petra Bellejambes said...

Lynn, darling ...

How we ever made it past Skynet I will never quite know. I laddered tights daily in the battle against the machines. And don't even talk about lighting for make-up ... there were days when I truly did want it all to end ...

Love you, now go have a wonderful year!

Tights Lover said...

Best wishes to you and the Mrs for the New Year, Petra! Sounds like it was quite a holiday weekend for you.

I couldn't help but notice, you legs looked dazzling...might those have been the Cecilia de Rafael's in that photo?

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing post, darling Petra!
Love the zebra and your look.
Happy 2012!


P.S. would adore a shopping trip and will definitely know if I'm in ATL ;)

Petra Bellejambes said...

TL - they are from StockinGirl - the Marissa model and I know you would love love love them. Go. Shop. Now :)

CC - toujours d'amour!

kirstenandrews86 said...

Very nice post! I've read through several of your posts in the past and you always seem to show such intelligence and eloquence in your writing whatever the subject may be. I'm happy to hear you had such a wonderful new year, I had a great time myself up in NY. Here's to the year before us and the progress we'll make.

Happy New Years to you and yours!

Petra Bellejambes said...

Kirsten ... thanks so much, very kind words, greatly appreciated. Good luck with your new blog and the new year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Petra, dear. And, yes, I have also been asked by my sweetie if we could face certain moments as "us." Of course, the only response is, "We? Oui!" :P

I am delighted at your positivity and wish you better than you expect. xoxo

Stacy said...

love it, so perfect!


Petra Bellejambes said...

Darling Janie... if I got better than I expected I would need a sedative :)

Stacy, delighted at your visit and honored too. And strictly entre-nous my dear, I am mad on faux fur too. Affectionately ...

Vogue Sky said...
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