Mar 8, 2010

Cross Dresser Crossover

I am happy to welcome some new visitors to Voyages en Rose today, by way of The Lingerie Addict. Treacle treated me to a guest post there on her wonderful blog, and I summoned up a 700 word love song to a really smart pair of sheers acquired from Stockingirl.

So a few words of welcome are in order for first time visitors. First of all, I love, love your reading habits. Treacle is terrific. So knowledgeable, passionate and generous with her experience, her posts brighten me up every day. Easy on the eyes too.

Next, this blog might be the first blog you have visited written by a part-time, Cross Dresser. And while that may be true, I can guarantee you that you already are on friendly terms, and perhaps even love a Cross Dresser. It's just a numbers game. If you have met more than 100 men in your life, at least one of them shares this habit. Maybe three. Maybe five. Maybe more, nobody knows for certain. He may be very close to you, aching to share, and a little frightened by his habit. He is probably not too different than me, or most of the other people that make your day go along as smoothly or chaotically as it normally does. He just is drawn to explore parts of himself that most of the world does not have an easy way of coping with.

So I am your proud, happy ambassador from Transistan today. A bit of a gabby ambassador too. Let me gab about me for a minute.

That is me on the left. And those are my legs in the post over at Treacle’s place. I have been Cross Dressing for as long as I can remember. I stopped fighting my life long curiosity about women’s clothing just a couple of years ago, and life has become simpler and much more rewarding for me. I also found the guts to share all of this with my wife, who has been a real champ about it. I lead a reasonably successful life as a guy, and spend about 95% of my time happily being that guy. It is a pretty easy and untroubled life. For the 5% en femme, I enjoy getting out of the house, having a nice lunch, doing a little shopping, doing normal things in vanilla locations, and just blending into the world around me.

Blending is key. I have a couple of “Drag Queen” friends, and as much as I admire the kind of shock and awe approach they bring to their art, I am much more interested in observing than being observed. Clothes that are suitable for the scene, make-up that does not scream out, and a generally demure approach to my interactions with people is more my tone, and much more typical of the Cross Dresser. For the most part, my sorority mates and I are really nicely welcomed, wherever we go. This makes it easy to continue to love doing what we do. I hope you extend the same sort of easy, no-fuss welcome to people like me whose path you may cross.

Please stay a while, browse, graze, follow a link or two to some of the blogs listed in the side bar, and by all means feel encouraged to leave a comment or two. I would be really happy to know your thoughts on this topic, to hear how you might react to a loved one who Cross Dresses, or whether you have any personal experience with guys like me. If you have a question or two, please use the gadget over on the right. Answers will be promptly posted to my Twitter feed and gathered all together here in a post in a couple of days. I will be upset of course if I chip a nail in the effort, but my dears, you are worth it.

For more regular readers, don’t mind the crowd in here today, even if they are better looking than us and don’t have heartaches trying to find size 12 shoes. There is room for us all, yes?

Happy dressing, and everything else.


Leah said...

Hahaha! I love the last paragraph. Petra, I'm a regular you know. So let's see who these better-looking people are. :-)

I'm heading over to Treacle's blog now. xoxo

Anonymous said...

It was a great post! you are a true professional!

Couture Carrie said...

Hi gorgeous!
Loved your guest post!


Anonymous said...

p.s There is an award waiting for you over at my blog dear!

Jessica De Leon said...

Congratulations on the guest post, Petra! :-)

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